Chantal and Brock Get Married

The wedding weekend started off with a few hiccups. I was on course near London Ontario when I was advised at the last minute that my flight to Timmins had been cancelled. Air Canada could not help me therefore I rushed to drive home. Knowing that there is no bigger nightmare than an absent photographer, I began the 10 hour drive home hoping to arrive at around 3AM Saturday morning. Thankfully Porter Airlines was there to save the day. The road trip was re-routed to the Toronto City Airport where the reliable airline was able to fly me home on time.

Chantal and Brock's big day went just as planned... not too cold, light snowfall, good scheduling and a prepared couple. At times, the couple may have felt like celebrities due to the two photographers and three videographers following them, but they were very gracious and courteous to everyone involved. 

12 hours of photography later, the day seemed to have gone just as every wedding has. It started in chaos, headaches, panic, stres and ended as the best day of their lives.

Congratulations Chantal and Brock.

Out with the old and in with the new

February 3rd 2013 marks the opening date of our new website. The last website successfully had over 9000 visits in 2012 however it is time for change. We hope that you will enjoy our updated site. Keep visiting us as new content will be added often.

Landscape Photography

David Ainsworth Photography will soon be selling large sized landscape prints. Each print will be unique to the client and no copies will be produced. David will be working in conjunction with local carpenter Chris Paananen (cpaan Originals) who will be preparing the frames. Each frame will be approximately 2'x5' depending on the layout of each photo. Pricing will depend on each product.

Keep an eye out for these great pieces.